Review: Kitchen Craft Thermometer

KITCHEN CRAFT Home Made Cooking Thermometer, bought online 2 years ago, from an online kitchen and cooking supplies store.  At the time it cost R99 (± US $7.50 at current rates).
It is currently still sold on the site and has mix reviews, with an average of 4 stars. (Maybe I just got a dud?)

I  have only attempted to use it 2 -3 times. On all those occasions I had also uses the ball test for syrups, (Drip the boiling syrup into a bowl of cold water. The consistency of ball the syrup forms tells you whether the syrup has reached the desired state), just to be safe.


On the plus side,  design wise, the thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit markings. There is a reference on the back for at which temperature certain items should be boiled/ fried/ cooked.  According to the site, this is a mercury-free thermometer.


The clip which is supposed to secure the thermometer to pots completely loose and just slips off the thermometer. I could probably just toss it in the garbage.

I tried testing the temperature gauge by placing the thermometer into boiling water (water boils at 100 ° C), but the not-mercury failed to rise to 100°.  Perhaps it only works with more viscous liquids, but I couldn’t see why I shouldn’t work in water.

The one or two times when I boiled syrups, the not-mercury level took ages to register… and when making something that merely has to reach a certain temperature and then has to be removed from heat, this could be a problem.

This thing now just sits in my pantry. The only reason I haven’t thrown it out, is because I’m not sure its safe for the environment to throw it in the trash.

Am I missing something about glass thermometers? Should I try a different brand or a different type of cooking/ candy thermometer?

Thumbs down.

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