Review: Denny Mushroom Burgers

Pack of 4  Vegan Mushroom Burger Patties.   Frozen foods section, with the vegetarian products. 

  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free


The original burger patty is well flavoured and when cooked properly has a good texture.  I made a sandwich using the original burger (made in a contact grill)  and whole wheat toast.   It was delicious.   I also tried a burger, cut into pieces, in a stir fry. I might have under cooked it a little, it was okay.

For the crumbed burgers I used proper sesame seed white bread burger buns.  I used mayonnaise as a spread on the buns instead of margarine and added some lettuce, tomato slices and little bit of sweet chili sauce
I cooked the patty in a contact grill (toasted sandwich maker) . On the first burger the mushroom patty was a mushy and probably under cooked, though it looked done on the outside. I couldn’t event taste that it was crumbed.  The burger as a whole was pretty tasty though.  For the second burger ‘n microwaved the patty for a minute, before grilling it in the sandwich maker. This time I could taste that it is crumbed and the texture was somewhat better.

Between the two, I prefer the original. It’s also the healthier option of the two.

To be honest I’d rather just fry a large brown mushroom and bypass the additives. Though these burgers are convenient, tasty and a nice product to keep in your freezer.  I would eat them again. Meat-eaters also seem to like these burgers.

Just follow the cooking instructions.





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Review: Quorn Breakfast Rashers

Quorn’s vegetarian bacon.  Price  R36 ( about US $ 2.69)  for a 150g box.
My aunt once told me that my younger cousin was learning to make vegetarian products in Food Technology at school. (They live in the UK and my cousins were born and raise there). She asked if I’ve heard about Quorn (that’s what they were basically making). At the time I haven’t heard of it. I thought she meant quinoa. I have since seen Quorn products in the freezer section of supermarkets. The main ingredient in their products is Mycoprotein  (a protein made from fungi). So far I haven’t tried many of their products, since many of them contain dairy (slight allergy) and I’ve had to avoid eating fungi for a long time.

I saw this macon (mock bacon) product on my last shopping trip and I figured I’d give it ago. I haven’t had real bacon in about a decade and I’ve been looking for a vegan or vegetarian bacon to try.

The slices are frozen together, so you need to partially defrost them to remove a slice.  It fries quickly, though I haven’t tried grilling it yet.
I definitely has a bacon flavour. The smell reminded my of bacon flavored crackers.
The texture is close enough I guess. it reminded me of polony (Bolagna sausage, slicing sausage, lunch meat).  Though, it probably depends on how you cook it.

It tastes pretty good, but I can’t say if “real bacon”  eaters would like it.
Being a processed food, this isn’t something I would consume on a regular basis, but occasionally if I crave bacon,  I would definitely eat it again.

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Review: Rude Health – The Beetroot

A 35g  beetroot snack bar. Price R19.50 (± US $1.45)


The Beetroot is quite a nice tasting candy bar. It tastes like a date and nut bar. The beet doesn’t seem to add an distinct taste, which is fine by my. Beetroots are super healthy, but I hated them as a child.

What I like about this bar is that it contains 4 ingredients and doesn’t have added sugar. I would eat it again, but I probably won’t buy it on a regular basis. Like most health-food-snacks it is a bit on the expensive side, though it was not the most expensive snack bar in the store.

Best thing on the wrapper: “Gotcha. Caught you reading under the flap of a Beetroot bar. That’s hardcore. There’s a place for people like you.” (followed by social media info)


Selling points:

  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugars
  • Dairy free

Dates, cashews, beetroot, sunflower seeds.

Per bar: 135kcal, 5.2g fat (0.9g saturated) , carbs 18g ( 16.2g sugars), 1.9g fibre, 3.1g salt, 0.073g salt. 

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