White Chocolate Fail

I absolutely adore white chocolate. it is however the unhealthiest of chocolate varieties. It contains no cacao solid/powder and is loaded with sugar and other additives.

I tried to make my own dairy-free, sugar-free white chocolate with some cacao butter (which, by the way isn’t cheap).

I melted a chunk of cacao butter (it does smell like white chocolate!) and added some coconut oil, a teaspoon of coconut sugar and a teaspoon of stevia leaf powder. The mixture was a dark green slick oil.

I poured it into a small plastic ice-tray. The granulated coconut oil sat behind in the saucepan. Once it set, I could see that the stevia had sunk to the bottom of the mould.  A liquid sweetener would probably have been a better option.

white choc fail

It didn’t tasted too horrible, but it wasn’t even close to the treat I had hoped for.

I guess I’ll keep these blocks in the fridge, re-melt them at some point and add cocoa powder to make chocolates.

Have you ever made your own white chocolate?

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