Tasted: Krispy Kremes

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts only recently came to South Africa. I once had a striped glaze Krispy Kreme at Hong Kong airport,  10 years ago. I’ve been looking forward to finding them here in SA. Today I saw a Krispy Kreme store at the mall, so I decided to take some donuts home.

I got 3 original glazed donuts 3 assorted frosting/ fillings to share.  (So I had one original and a third of each of the others. )


Cookies N Kreme:
I love cookies & cream ice-cream. As a donuts topping, not so much. It was okay

Caramel Kreme Crunch:
Delicious. Though extremely sweet.  Too much filling for my taste. Most of the filling fell out when I shared the donut. I didn’t eat the spilled filling. Though overall, a very tasty piece of baked good(s).

New York Cheese Cake: 
I loved the filling. I’d eat it on it’s own. It overpowered the donut tough.

Original Glazed:
My favourite. Absolutely the best donut.

It was lots of fun to try the different flavours and I might try some more in future, but I think the original is still the best. If you just get one donut, go for that one.

They weren’t terribly expensive considering it’s a foreign franchise, though they’re not prices like super market donuts either.  For a special treat, they are reasonably priced. The order cost R71.40  (± $5.45).


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